Thursday, January 24, 2013

A tale of 3 sisters, part 2

This clipboard was for my sister’s SIL who is a serious quilter.  My inspiration came from a picture I found in her Facebook pics of the first quilt she ever made.  I found the pattern online and tried my best to replicate it.  (Disclaimer here:  If you are a quilter, you’ll see that I am not! But I did the best I could.)  The magnets are vintage buttons.  I used the same button along with a couple layers of burlap for the clip.

Sam's 1

I decided a ‘crazy quilt’ effect would be good for the back.

Sam's 4

How cute is this puppy dog?  This clipboard was for another of my sister’s SIL.  I used the same technique I mentioned in my previous post.

Pat's 2

Not knowing her favorite colors, I again had to head over to Facebook for some inspiration.  It didn’t take me long, as I found a pic of her wearing a very pretty blouse with these colors.  I figured if she’s wearing it then she must like it, right?

Pat's 4

The three sisters’ clipboards were so fun to make.  When attempting to make something as personal as possible, it sure makes my day when I find out they were a hit!

Be blessed today!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

A tale of 3 sisters, part 1

My sister—and biggest supporter of my funkiness—asked me to make three magnetic altered clipboards for her sisters-in-law for Christmas.  I have met and become friends with two who are super nice gals, but I haven’t had opportunity to meet the third sister other than a quick nice-to-meet-you at their dad’s funeral {miss you, Mac}.

Knowing the first two ladies helped when it came to making theirs.  One is a quilter, the other adores her cute little dog, plus it helped to have pics.  For the third sister, however, the only thing I had to go by was the fact that she had a pug named Haley.  The rest was flying by the seat of my pants.

The technique I used was found here.  It’s really easy and gives a neat transparent quality to the image.  I just used an enlarged silhouette of a pug.  I also reduced the same silhouette down considerably for the glass magnets.

Sue's 2

The magnetic section is recycled scrap from our heating/cooling business covered with scrapbook paper.

Sue's 4

For the ‘dog’ tag I used the letter from an old typewriter key.  (The keys were too dirty to use, so I opened them up to at least salvage the letters and symbols.)  I attached a beat up old jingle bell.  {Like my beautiful fingers reflecting in the picture?! Winking smile}

Sue's 5

Since I upcycle clipboards found at thrift stores, sometimes the backs have ‘graffiti’, thus the necessity of covering them up as well.

There you have it.  It was fun doing this and I was happy to hear her SIL was pleased with her gift.

Be blessed today!