Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jackpot Thrifting

It's hard to lose calories when I'm only 1/4 mile into my walk and run into a yard sale.  But there was no question about it.  I'd resume my walk tomorrow!

Isn't this a cute straw hat?  It's by GAP and it's going on Ebay.  Not my size, and I don't wear hats.  However, it does look good right where its at in my bedroom...hmmm...

This is a nice set of copper canisters going on Ebay as well.  But if they don't sell, I won't be sad!  I already have an idea using the lids.

I ended up with three boxes of various craft items, some to keep, some to sell.  Since I was on my walk, I had no money with me.  The nice lady set aside all my stuff while I walked the quarter mile back home for my checkbook.  I came back with our car, shopped some more, wrote the nice lady a check and hauled everything back home end of story.

This was last Friday morning.

Fast forward 4 days.  I'm going about my business working in the office, reconciling with the bank.  You know, that kind of fun stuff.  I realized I hadn't recorded the check I wrote to the nice yard sale lady.  Get my checkbook, and what is staring me in the face but the check I didn't tear out and give to the nice lady. Talk about instant panic!  Thankfully, we live in a very small town and it was the only yard sale I went to.  I was able to find her phone number and meet up with her that night.  How embarrassing!

But like I said.  She was a nice lady.

God bless,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Altered Composition Journal

It's back-to-school time

which means school supplies

which means, if I am lucky, getting a pile of composition notebooks when they go on sale in about a month for 10 cents a piece.

They're inexpensive and a fun way to use up paper scraps that are piling up from other projects.

Here's my most recent one.

I'm still loving vintage sewing patterns.  I don't think I'll ever stop loving old patterns, in fact I scored on about 30 the other day while out thrifting!

I cover the inside front and back to hide the school 'cheat sheets'.