Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jackpot Thrifting

It's hard to lose calories when I'm only 1/4 mile into my walk and run into a yard sale.  But there was no question about it.  I'd resume my walk tomorrow!

Isn't this a cute straw hat?  It's by GAP and it's going on Ebay.  Not my size, and I don't wear hats.  However, it does look good right where its at in my bedroom...hmmm...

This is a nice set of copper canisters going on Ebay as well.  But if they don't sell, I won't be sad!  I already have an idea using the lids.

I ended up with three boxes of various craft items, some to keep, some to sell.  Since I was on my walk, I had no money with me.  The nice lady set aside all my stuff while I walked the quarter mile back home for my checkbook.  I came back with our car, shopped some more, wrote the nice lady a check and hauled everything back home end of story.

This was last Friday morning.

Fast forward 4 days.  I'm going about my business working in the office, reconciling with the bank.  You know, that kind of fun stuff.  I realized I hadn't recorded the check I wrote to the nice yard sale lady.  Get my checkbook, and what is staring me in the face but the check I didn't tear out and give to the nice lady. Talk about instant panic!  Thankfully, we live in a very small town and it was the only yard sale I went to.  I was able to find her phone number and meet up with her that night.  How embarrassing!

But like I said.  She was a nice lady.

God bless,

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  1. I'm sure she was thankful that you were sweet...AND honest! I'm glad you found lots of neat things! We have to wear hats here in's so bright all the time! Sweet hugs!