Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Experiment

Ever heard of a Smash book?  From what I gather, it’s a blank journal-type book that you can use to put in whatever your little ol’ pea-pickin’ heart desires.  Pictures, collage, ribbon, pockets, poems, pressed flowers, words—anything.  And from the look of some I’ve seen online—the more stuff the merrier.  Then when you’re finished with the book you ‘smash’ it together and—viola—your personal Smash book.

Rather than journaling typically, I decided to give the smash-book style a go for my 2013 journal.  I wanted it to be totally random.  Not daily.  Anything that strikes my fancy at any given moment.

I bought a thick journal at Goodwill with ivory pages that had pre-printed questions to answer…same questions every day…how boring is that?  {Sorry, my opinion, just sayin’}  But the cover was blank Kraft-paper looking, which I really like.  It was very thick so I had to tear a lot of pages out to start with.

Right in the middle of the otherwise blank cover were the words “A Personal Journal”.  Perfect.  I decided to leave it.  The paper I used is embossed which gives dimension.  I of course had to add my ‘tag’ that I found in a magazine and grunged up.  The time pieces I found thrifting as well as the tiny clock hands in the middle.  {They’re kinda pointing at my age this year btw!)




Here’s the inside cover.  My favorite scripture “This is the day” and my favorite people, along with the “Casting all of your cares” scripture.


The next set is Christmas 2012 randomness.  I used cutouts of some of the wrapping paper I used, pieces of the homemade card I sent out as well as cutouts of some of the cards we received.  Grace gave us cards and notes so I wanted to incorporate those as well.

Since Chels and Brice couldn’t make it for Christmas, I’ll make up another page when we celebrate with them.  I thought we’d see them before now, otherwise I’d have mailed their packages.  Hopefully soon.


Recycling packing paper from various packages I received in the mail is what I’ve used to cover the pages.  Glue and splat.  Each page comes out funky and there’s plenty of room for mistakes.  I’m hoping the lines are blurred between my actual mistakes versus things done on purpose!

Here’s some pics I got at Thanksgiving of our kids.  For this I washed white paint over the packing paper.  Cutting out words from catalogs is fun.  These came from a Sam’s*Club mailer.  Taking advantage of after-Christmas sales for craft pieces works, as long as I remember where I put them in my ever-growing stash!


This was our “day in the life of Wal*Mart” page, after locking my keys in the car.  (you can click on the pic to make it larger.)



Above is what the actual pages looked like.  I decided to use one of the original pages just to keep for posterity!  I love to see how people doodle and decided to give it a try.  I am NOT a doodler, as you can see.  My doodles look rather kindergarten-ish, don’t you think?   Oh well.  I was just trying out some new colored markers. 



And finally, the back.


I have many more pages to make before years end.  I’m working on another one right now using a Star*bucks coffee sleeve. 

I’ll keep you posted!




  1. Cool! I got into 'Smashing' before it was called Smashing lol You can find a lot of cool stuff on Pinterest under Art Journaling.

  2. You do such wonderful, creative things!!! I am not creative at all. I had not even heard of "Smashing" but I don't hear of a lot of things. Trust 2013 will be a SMASHING good year!!!

  3. I have a Smash Journal and I've done a few pages but I need to get it back out and work in it! You've done great and it's FUN, too!

  4. I love your layouts Brenda! Sooooo artsy!!